Minnesota, USA is seeking to host the 2027 Specialized Expo focused on health and wellness under the banner “Healthy People, Healthy Planet.”

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David Loehr

David Loehr | Senior Advisor and Principal Architect

Vice President & Principal, DLR Group

David Loehr is Vice President and Principal of DLR Group (one of the world’s largest, premier architectural and engineering firms). He is the Chief Architect for the Mall of America and leads the firm’s regional mixed-use practice. For the past decade, Loehr contributed to Minnesota’s efforts to host an Expo in several capacities, including as a Senior Advisor, Chief Architect, and Board Member.

His projects have won numerous awards for their design statements, contributions to the community, innovative use of materials, depth of environmental stewardship, and collaborative processes. Licensed in 30 states, Loehr has successfully implemented domestic and international projects. He is a board member of the Minnesota Architectural Foundation as well.