Minnesota, USA is seeking to host the 2027 Specialized Expo focused on health and wellness under the banner “Healthy People, Healthy Planet.”

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Marc Lore

Marc Lore | Board Co-Chair

Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Lore is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Wonder Group, a company reinventing the at-home dining experience. Wonder is led by a team of proven entrepreneurs, some of the world’s greatest chefs and culinary experts, talented innovators from every area of the business, and backed by top-tier venture capitalists.

Lore is also the newest NBA owner, having purchased the Timberwolves and Lynx in 2021 with his friend and business partner, Alex Rodriguez.

Lore is the lead, and largest investor in Archer, an aerospace company building an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft focused on improving mobility in cities. He is also a Co-Founder and investor of Wizard, a company transforming e-commerce with conversational AI and Mojo. In this sports stock market, fans can use their knowledge to invest in sports like never before.

Telosa is Lore’s legacy project – a city he is building from scratch to test a new model for society called Equitism. The town will eventually house five million residents and plans to set the global standard for urban living and expand human potential by becoming a blueprint for future generations.

Before this, Lore started and sold four companies, most recently, Jet.com, which Walmart acquired in 2016 for $3.3 billion. Until 2021, Lore served as the president and CEO of Walmart U.S. eCommerce. Lore was also the co-founder and CEO of Quidsi, the parent company of e-commerce websites Diapers.com, Soap.com, Wag.com, and more. The company was sold to Amazon in 2011 for $550 million.

He graduated from Bucknell University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in business management and economics.