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Mayor Tim Busse

Mayor Tim Busse

Mayor of Bloomington, Minnesota

Tim Busse was sworn in as the mayor of Bloomington on January 2, 2020, becoming the city’s first new mayor in two decades. Before being elected mayor, he served two four-year terms as a council member at Large.

Under his leadership, he’s helped Bloomington successfully navigate the economic, social, and financial challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the pandemic, he’s significantly increased community outreach and engagement. The city-appointed its first community budget advisory committee; all Bloomington City Council meetings are now televised, and Bloomington’s Community Outreach and Engagement Division actively and creatively connects with traditionally underrepresented communities.

As Mayor, Busse is incredibly proud of Bloomington’s opportunity housing ordinance and Affordable Housing Trust Fund, two innovative and powerful tools to maintain and provide housing for all community members. He is also proud that inclusion and equity are critical pillars in the city’s strategic plan, and Bloomington is committed to being a welcoming city to all. In recent months, Bloomington has formed racial equity action teams in city departments, hosted the city’s first Pride Celebration, and embarked on a community-driven strategic planning process.