Minnesota, USA is seeking to host the 2027 Specialized Expo focused on health and wellness under the banner “Healthy People, Healthy Planet.”

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+1 952-858-8500
2131 Lindau Lane, Suite 420, Bloomington, MN 55425

Our Team

Meet the Team

John M. Stanoch | President & CEO
Megan Nashban Kenney | Senior Advisor
Bess Ellenson | Communications Specialist
Ted Johnson | Senior Advisor
Justin Buoen | Senior Advisor
David Loehr | Senior Advisor and Principal Architect

The Board

Robert Clark | Board Co-Chair

Tim Busse

B Kyle

Leni Moore

Melvin Tennant

Jim Wolford

Marc Lore | Board Co-Chair

Bonnie Carlson

James Lawrence

Mark Ritchie

Jamie Verbrugge

Mark Chronister

Michellene Davis

Terry Mattson

John Rosero

Jonathan Weinhagen

Miguel Alexander Pozo

Roberta Antoine Dressen

Wendy Meadley

Patty Simmons

Cid Wilson